Brock Freeman.

Biff Buster.

Proficient Data Analyst with a strong background in Business Intelligence and Data Science during the day.

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Brock Freeman - BF
My Skillset

Data Engineering, Analysis & Visualization.

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My name is Brock Freeman, I’m a passionate and hard-working Analyst with a great skill set for using data to find an edge. I have 3+ years experience delivering valuable insights through advanced analytical methods, bringing forth a successful track record of high-level reports and dashboards. In 2018, Co-founded a web and mobile app called Outserved, which specialized in geofence marketing and data mining to help local businesses attract customers. Merged with LocalLBK in 2020 to help provide real-time analytics to hundreds of their business clients, improving foot traffic and website views by a noticable amount.

Tech Stack.

  • python Python
  • javascript Javascript
  • pandas Pandas
  • sql SQL
  • snowflake Snowflake
  • aws AWS
  • nodejs NodeJS
  • dbt DBT
  • git Git


  • solidity Solidity
  • truffle Truffle
  • web3js Web3.js
  • remix Remix
  • hardhat Hardhat
  • Dune Analytics
  • flipside-crypto Flipside Crypto

Recent Projects +

Career +

Digital Marketing Manager

Agrellus 2019 – 2020

Worked with E-commerce and operations managers to ensure consistency across all channels. Build robust marketing campaigns and ad strategies using Hootsuite Analytics to generate users and business clients. Duties included Social Media Management, Content Creation, Analytics and reporting. Increased social media traffic and engagement by 500%.

Junior Data Analyst / Data Engineer

Outserved / Local LBK 2018 – 2019

Assisted core developer in the design of ETL processes, including warehouse development and unit testing. Managed pipeline using Snowflake and DBT to verify transformation process is accurate and ready for analysis. Visualize the analysis and present to business clients via back-end portal. Increased business clients by 50% in 2020.

Freelance Data Analyst

Flipside Crypto / MetricsDAO 2021 – 2022

Performed SQL analysis and dashboard visualization for top protocols and NFT collections. Competed in challenges and bounties to create reports and analysis for protocols like Uniswap, Aave, Blur, Optimism, Sushiswap and many more.

Education +

Fintech Bootcamp Certificate

Southern Methodist University Apr 2021 – Oct 2021

A competitive curriculum covering Financial fundamentals, programming libraries, Machine Learning Applications and Blockchain.

BA General Studies

Texas State University 2016 - 2019

With a focus in Business Administration and Marketing.

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Besides being by my computer, my life hobbies are traveling, hiking, and exploring new places to eat and hangout with friends. I have a very good boy named “Duke” who loves to go on adventures with me. I love speaking with motivated, like-minded people so feel free to reach out if interested!

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if you're needing help making smart decisions for your business, just drop me a message at biffbuster0@gmail.com I'm currently Available for Data Analysis, Dashboard visualization and Database management gigs.

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